Embracing Solo Adventures

A Journey to Independence Post-Separation

1/20/20243 min read

Josie here, your guide through the twists and turns of navigating life post-separation. Today, I want to share a discussion that's not just close to my heart but also immensely practical for anyone stepping into the world anew, solo. If you've ever felt a pang of anxiety at the thought of going out alone, you're not alone. And if this resonates, I highly encourage you to listen to the latest episode of my podcast, "From Devastated to Divorced," where we dive even deeper into this topic.

Starting with Baby Steps

The journey to enjoying your own company in public begins with small, manageable steps. Remember, every big journey starts with a single step. My first piece of advice? Start small. Choose activities that feel less intimidating, like a peaceful walk in the park, a quiet afternoon in a cafe, or losing yourself among the aisles of a bookstore. These are places where being solo is perfectly normal, and most people are too engrossed in their own world to notice anyone else. It's about feeling the discomfort and moving through it, one step at a time.

Combatting the Inner Critic

One of the biggest hurdles to enjoying solo outings is our own inner critic. That voice inside your head that whispers, "You're alone because you can't be with someone." It's crucial to challenge these negative thoughts. Look around; notice how many others are also alone. Realize that solitude in public spaces is more common than you think. This realization is not just comforting; it's empowering. It's a step towards recognizing that your happiness is not contingent on the presence of a companion.

Goal Setting for Solo Success

Setting personal goals can transform the daunting into the doable. If the idea of dining alone makes you nervous, start with something simple like a café or a fast-food restaurant. Bring a book, scroll through your phone, or listen to a podcast (maybe even mine). The point is to gradually increase your comfort level with being alone in public. It's about proving to yourself that you can do it, and in doing so, expanding your comfort zone one solo meal at a time.

Self-Compassion: Your New Best Friend

Be gentle with yourself. It's okay to feel uneasy at first. These feelings are natural, but they don't define your capacity to enjoy solitude. Reframe your solo outings as acts of self-care and self-discovery rather than as something to be ashamed of. Remember, going out alone doesn't make you a loser; it makes you brave. It's a testament to your strength and independence.

Finding Your Tribe, Solo

Lastly, consider joining group activities that align with your interests. Whether it's a pottery class or a wine and paint night, these settings offer a balance of independence and community. You're alone, but not lonely. You're part of a group, yet free to engage at your own comfort level. It's a beautiful way to ease into solo activities while still feeling the warmth of community.

A Personal Invitation

As we wrap up this heart-to-heart, I want to extend a personal invitation to you. If you're navigating your journey through unwanted separation and find yourself longing for guidance, or if you're curious about where you stand in your own journey, I'm here for you. I'm offering a free, no-obligation 15-minute chat to help you identify which chapter of your journey you're currently experiencing. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to connect, for you to gain clarity, and for me to offer the support and guidance you might be seeking. You can find the link to schedule our chat in the show notes of my podcast or simply reach out to me directly.

Remember, stepping out alone doesn't have to be a source of anxiety. It can be an empowering, liberating experience that opens up a world of self-discovery and independence. So take that first step, challenge yourself, and discover the joys of solo adventures. And don't forget to tune into the podcast for more insights and support on your journey from devastated to divorced.

You're not alone on this journey. I'm right here with you, every step of the way.

Xoxo, Josie

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